Structural, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers


From residential buildings to industrial plants, Downs Engineering will be your partner from initial design to completion.

Civil Engineering

  • Layout and design of roads and bridges
  • Layout and design of residential and commercial buildings
  • Designs of 5 acre and larger ponds
  • Design of Oxidation ponds
  • Design of Subdivisions and trailer parks and roads
  • Design of railroad tracks
  • Layout and design of industrial plants
Engineers discussing plans

Structural Engineering

  • Design of multi-story building in the industrial division
  • Design of multi-leveled pipe racks and bridges
  • Design and layout of office and warehouse buildings
  • Design and layout of pile foundations
  • Design and layout of industrial control buildings
  • Design and layout of motor control centers
  • Design of tank foundations and surrounding berms
  • Design and layout of dolphins for major ports
Large warehouse space

Mechanical Engineering

  • HVAC Design for Commercial/Industrial Buildings
Engineers looking at plans

Electrical Engineering

  • Electrical Design for Commercial/Industrial Buildings
  • ARC Flash Studies
electrical engineering

Downs Engineering satisfies all insurance requirements by being fully insured with workers’ compensation, auto insurance on all vehicles, general liability insurance, and professional liability insurance.