Mission, Quality, Health & Safety Statements


Accountability is everything. That's why Downs Engineering, Inc. prioritizes clear communication and transparency: transparency of our mission & values, transparency of quality standards, and transparency of our safety practices.

Mission Statement

  • To provide quality work and to deliver superior customer service through problem-solving methods that contribute to our client’s bottom line.
  • To build long-term relationships by keeping our commitments to our clients and helping them to achieve their goals. Through our commitment to their success, we will generate a positive source of referral business for our company.
  • To achieve our success through our employees, empowering them by moving the decision-making process as far down the organization as feasible and making Downs Engineering a desirable place to work.
Laying pipes underground

Quality Statement

Downs Engineering is committed to providing a quality job on all its projects. It is the intention of the management to continually review and update where necessary aspects of the quality system.

This will be ensured by the following procedures:

  • To implement and continually enhance our quality system ensuring it meets with current standards and our clients requirements.
  • Ensure that all operations are covered by operational quality procedures and project specific quality plans.
  • Make all employees and sub-contractors/suppliers aware of their role and responsibilities under the quality procedure/plan.
  • Carry out regular assessment that the above is understood and carried out by all. Ensure that the results of assessments are used to improve performance and implement any training requirements deemed necessary.

Health & Safety Statement

Downs Engineering is committed to achieving a safe working environment for all employees and others in the work place. It is the intention of the management to continually review and update where necessary aspects of health and safety for the benefit of all.

This will be implemented in the following procedures:

  • A commitment of all within the company to achieve as far as is reasonably practical a safe work place.
  • To ensure any statutory requirements are met
  • By identifying risks to persons, equipment and property and implementing control measures
  • To train and inform all the workforce adequately and regularly for the duties they are asked to perform by the company
  • Ensure that all employees have communications to the companies management on aspects of Health & Safety
  • The management of any specialist contractors to achieve the same standards of Health & Safety.

Downs Engineering satisfies all insurance requirements by being fully insured with workers’ compensation, auto insurance on all vehicles, general liability insurance, and professional liability insurance.

This policy will be placed on display and be available for all employees for their review.